Every Face Tells A Story

Every Face Tells A Story

It’s true. Our faces tell stories about us.


“Every Face Tells A Story” is a song by Olivia Newton-John from the 1976 album: “Don’t Stop Believin'” — also the title of her 2018 memoir. I still have the vinyl album and several CD versions, of this album alone. You might start picking up some clues here.


In a world where there are so many stories to tell — many of them demanding, and requiring, our attention — it’s the way we communicate our own stories that best connects us with each other, creating the emotional link we need to garner support and drive change.


Of course, it does depend on how personal you choose to become when you share your own story. The one I shared on Facebook recently is reproduced below. It seemed to fall onto the page quickly as I wrote about why I was asking, friends, family, colleagues — and here, people I have never met — to sponsor my participation in the Olivia Newton-John “Wellness Walk and Research Run” in Melbourne on Sunday, 6 October.


Here’s a lightly edited version of the story, it’s not too long. Imagine listening to an album track for about three minutes or so. Thank you for reading.


Recently, several people I’ve known have left us sooner because of cancer: 


My much-loved ‘Qantas buddy’ who saw me through difficult times and first placed a DSLR camera in my hands.


A woman with the best Scottish accent (like eva) who watched me skate around Central Park from the sidelines on a trip to New York, then screamed — almost as loudly as I did —  when the horn blew on the Queen Mary in L.A. while we were on board.


The lady who made me homemade pâté after our grand excursions to Woolworths, Neutral Bay — home via the newsagent to pick up piles and piles of scratchies — who cooked me curried chicken with rice, loved a ‘bubble’ and let me win at Trivial Pursuit, for I was clearly “the weakest link!”


And yes, I admit, the chance to say hello to ONJ has factored into the equation. I’ve been a huge fan since 1977, originally having all her albums on vinyl and now almost 100 CDs, from various record labels — collecting was a ‘thing’ for a while!


Olivia’s music, lyrics, films and general approach to life: concern for the planet, love of animals and compassion; have given me endless hours of joy for more than 42 years — something about “the meaning of life” in there?


However, it’s the people I’ve known — and there are many more than those mentioned above — who have inspired me most to participate.



My original goal was $1,500, but since telling my story on Facebook, I’m almost there. 


You can join the walk or run via this link — and make your face part of the story — or donate with this link to help me reach my goal and change the story for those living with cancer.


With much love, light and sincere gratitude.