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Level 01—Beginner

Beginners will already have a high-level of communication skill as a prerequisite for playing The Comms Game. Level 01 has been designed to ‘make conscious’ and enhance each player’s choice of grammar, tone and style using selected forms of professional communication.


There is a particular focus on how individual communication styles are received: either encouraging or discouraging a positive response and outcome.


Each round is broken into three 15-minute segments: 10 minutes for tasks and 5 minutes for responses, discussion and a points tally.


Round 01 – 45 minutes


This round is multiple choice. Players will have 10 minutes to answer 20 questions—that’s 30 seconds per answer—asking them to respond to some of the everyday decisions we make when communicating, in particular, the tone we choose.


Round 02 – 45 minutes


This round is built on short written answers. Players will have 10 minutes to complete 10 written answers—one minute per answer—asking them to make some decisions about their communication style.


Round 03 – 45 minutes


In this final round, players construct conversations. Working in teams, they have 5 minutes to create a 10-sentence script, 3 minutes to perform it and 2 minutes to improve it following feedback.


Note—There is a 15-minute break between each round for players to interact, reset and check in on any work-related matters.