Geoff Jaeger Consulting offers bespoke programs for individuals and small teams – detailed below – as well as communication remediation packages across businesses and divisions.



The process begins with a free, one-hour discovery session to determine our compatibility and alignment.



While the full development program includes four levels to be completed over a year; you can also choose a Just in Time Module, individually tailored for senior leaders. 






MODULE 1 1/1.5 hours before a regular presentation.



MODULE 2 an intense month/6 weeks to prepare for large quarterly or bi/annual presentations.



The Full Program



Levels 13 take place during the first month.


Level 4 involves meeting at three, six and 12 months after the initial discovery session.


Hourly consultation is always available upon request between scheduled meetings.



The First Month





Interview; individuals/teams, discuss goals


Observe; workplace behaviours


Assess; communication styles


Draft; development plans


Individual – 1.5 days / review
Team – 2 days / review





Listening to reflect; be clear and understood


Presenting to individuals and groups; large and small


Working through challenging situations; difficult conversations


Knowing your audience; choosing a structure, tone and style


Writing to influence; speeches, emails, reports and more


Individual – 0.5 day / topic
Team – 0.5 day / topic





Talk through progress; discuss the challenges


Measure progress against goals; what went well


Identify focus areas for development; how and by when


Recommend next steps; a period for practice and reflection


Agree next meeting; arrange chats in-between


Individual – 1 day / meeting
Team – 2 days / meeting



Months 2 – 12





Review progress/measure success; discuss goals and challenges


Revise approaches/recommend workshops; how and by when


Schedule next steps; practice and reflection


Agree next meeting; arrange chats in-between


Individual – 0.5 day / meeting
Team – 1 day / meeting





Individual – 5 days / year
Team – 8 days / year

Team is defined as a minimum 2; maximum 4 people.