The tray trend from Sweden

The tray trend from Sweden

There’s a new trend spreading around the globe, and it’s from Sweden, again! Yes, those Nordic Vikings who’ve given the world so many things already…

In the 1970s, it was ABBA – they made Eurovision famous in 1974, remember! When ABBA finally faced their own Waterloo in the early 1980s, Roxette was there in the wings at the table of talent.

In the latter part of the 20th Century, IKEA became a household name, challenging other global empires by showing people the world could be flat after all!

But it took a new century before Sweden presented everyone with their sexiest man – Alexander Skarsgård – named so, five times!

Alexander made vampires cool again, brought back Tarzan, and caused Australia’s Nicole Kidman to tell a few Big Little Lies; before himself coming to a big sticky end – courtesy of a metal stake this time  – THETRAY.SHOP needed the timber to make their trays!

Playing with popular cultural myth, it’s tempting to talk about ‘throwing another steak on the barbie’, while handing around drinks on a Swedish tray, but that’s just a little too trés bon – oops!

For sure, trays have been a ‘thing’ in Sweden for quite some time. Just google Swedish trays and you’ll find Swedish tray maker Åry, which opened its doors in 1952. While they may be steeped in mid-20th Century modern living and luxury, Swedish trays are becoming the party platter of the ‘teenies’.

They’re the latest piece of Swedishness to capture our hearts and minds. And thanks to THETRAY.SHOP there’s now one for every household. Living in Sydney, Co-Founder Rickard Vikström is bringing Swedish trays to Australia, beautifully crafted in true Scandinavian style.

Timbered textures, fabric designs, colourful, abstract and chichi to the max, it’s the elegance of the 1950’s cocktail hour for those of us seeking a return to glamours past.

They’re also perfect for indoor plants. Yes, it’s true! No fake news here! You can easily place pot plants on trays – with custom-made stands – around your living room or indoor balcony. Try it for yourself. And, trays are popular wedding gifts in Sweden – just a thought for all those Spring and Summer weddings in Australia!

Take a look around THETRAY.SHOP.  You’ll see both a wonderful tradition of craftsmanship, and some of the most beautifully designed trays available on the market today.

And, just in case you haven’t heard, ABBA is reuniting to release two new songs at the end of 2018 – the first in 35 years!