You need to write a business plan, to write down what you intend to do, what you and your business offer. You need a plan to shape and mould your thoughts, actions and deeds—the way you work.





You need the communication to be right for your project. You know it can mean the difference between on-time delivery and within budget or a major, expensive delay. Your project or communications team is time poor. You need an expert who can help you deliver on time and within budget.




You’re great at strategy and execution – delivering on time and to budget – but seem to struggle to communicate with your team and some peers. You worry that – or receive feedback to say – you’re too slow, too fast or worse; not that interesting when speaking. It’s been said you put people off with your email and messaging style. This limits your success and slows your career progression.




All the information is going to arrive at the last minute! You’re the one who has to bring it all together and talk about it; for either a large audience or senior leadership team. You feel the weight on your shoulders increase as the time draws closer. You need to be able to work quickly to identify, assemble and communicate the relevant facts.


Speech Writers


You have to write a speech for a work, community or club event. You want to be sure you’re communicating the right story for everyone, that you come across as intelligent, funny and memorable. The white A4 page in front of you is blank – again. And, it’s not the first page. You’ve deleted, or tossed, the others in the bin along with the dreadful clichés typed or scribbled on them.




You’re an expanding SME or Start-Up that has just received its first round of angel investment. Your communication framework was fine at the beginning, but you’re about to expand rapidly and need to have consistent messaging across all channels. If your client and employee communications strategy isn’t already in place, it’s a good time to establish one.




Your team is clever, capable and individually strong. It’s just not working together to deliver optimum results. Members, while clever, have different ways of doing things, different communication styles. This slows the team down, causing frustration. You need to work as a cohesive unit.